[tex-live] hosting inst image

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Mar 2 22:03:13 CET 2007

     .live via FTP from Tug.Org ?

Actually .live is (primarily) from ctan, not tug.org.  That's why there
was the tug bandwidth issue was only for inst.  (It wasn't that more
people overall wanted inst than live!)

    is there real benefit to be had from making the .live
    image available via BT ?

My thinking was that, if enough people participate in the live torrent,
downloading it via torrent would become faster than CTAN.  And that
would be good for users.  We've wanted to have torrents for TL all along.

Another reason, regardless of speed, is that some people prefer torrents
(judging by the slow-but-steady stream of requests for it).  And if inst
is the only thing that is available that way, that is what they will

I don't see it as a special case, just an alternative method of
acquiring the software.



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