[tex-live] hosting inst image

Philip & Le Khanh Philip-and-LeKhanh at Royal-Tunbridge-Wells.Org
Fri Mar 2 21:55:24 CET 2007

But why ?  In your original message, which sparked all
this activity, you wrote :

	Due to bandwidth concerns, we can no longer afford to have the inst
	image on ftp://tug.org for public consumption.  Despite semi-hiding it
	from view and my disrecommending it for use, it's found by too many people.#

If it's only the .inst image which you have pulled,
is there real benefit to be had from making the .live
image available via BT ?

I can see (as I've said earlier in this thread) that
I can foresee the time when CTAN itself will become a
vast network of BT nodes, but is there real benefit in
treating the whole of TeX Live as a special case, or
is it better to stick to what we have at the moment,
which is .inst via BT or .CZ, and .live via FTP from
Tug.Org ?

This is a serious question, not a dismissal of your
request, but I am genuinely unable to see the reason
for it.  If there /are/ good reasons for hosting it
on BT (as a 2nd "special case"), then I am more than
happy to do so.

** Phil.
Karl Berry wrote:
> Hello Philip and all,
>     >     http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3629108
> I updated http://tug.org/texlive/acquire.html with this info (among
> other things).  Please let me know if there is more that should be said
> about the availability via BitTorrent.
> Since you've gone to the trouble of making the inst image available this
> way, would it be possible to also make the *live* image available as a
> torrent?  After all, that is the one that we recommend people use (to
> forestall questions about "my architecture is missing").
> Thanks,
> Karl

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