[tex-live] hosting inst image

Bruno Piguet bpiguet at teaser.fr
Fri Mar 2 08:51:57 CET 2007

Reinhard Kotucha wrote :

>   > I have 14% (177 Mb)
> after 4 hours, sigh!

    Not exactly.
    The estimation was : 4 hours left for the remaining 86%. The actual 
total time was about 6 hours.

   If I understand well, tonight, the file was downloaded once (or a 
very few times) from the location defined by Philip in the torrent 
(ftp://ftp.cstug.cz/pub/tex/local/TC2007/ ?), and redistributed among 
the 8 "leechers". That's a significant saving of bandwith for the 
original site, and proves that it works, for that matter (even if, 
personnally, may have gotten the file more rapidly by a direct FTP 

    If you want it to become a real solution, you need more people 
joining in, and keeping their client active, even once they have 
received the file. That's why I mentionned "spreading the word".


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