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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Fri Mar 2 03:02:18 CET 2007

>>>>> "Bruno" == Bruno Piguet <bpiguet at teaser.fr> writes:

  >    I took my drill, dug a hole in my firewalls, NAT routers, ...
  > installed a bitorrent client, and joined the fun.  It looks likes
  > working.  Not very fast (4 hours left, if the estimation is
  > correct), but the worlwide co-downloading and re-distribution
  > seems to work.  There are currently 8 online clients, from US,
  > Japan, Greece, Sweeden, ..) . None of then have retrieved the full
  > file yet. The 4 more advanced have got about 38% of the file. I
  > have 14% (177 Mb) and have already redistributed 137 Mb.  Do you
  > plan to spread the word (usenet groups, mailing lists) ?

Nice to know that there are holes in your firewall now.

I'm not sure that bitorrent is the ultimate solution.  The download
rates you mention do not sound very impressive.  Maybe I hesitate
because I did not yet understand completely how bitorrent works.  I
have a reasonably fast ADSL connection.  To be more precise, only
download is reasonably fast.  Upload is slow and when I upload files
to a remote machine it does not make much fun to connect to another
machine using ssh.

As I understand the problem, tug.org and CTAN want to reduce traffic.

Suppose that some other TeX user groups mirror the file too.  Isn't it
possible to write a php or Perl script which contains a list of
mirrors and performs some load balancing?  I.e. if someone tries to
download the image from tug.org he will be redirected to a mirror and
each time someone wants to download the file the script redirects him
to another mirror.

I'm not sure that using bitorrent is reasonable, 

  > I have 14% (177 Mb)

after 4 hours, sigh!

On the other hand, Petr Sojka offered to host the file.  Though
traffic might be larger than expected, it would be nice to try it at
least.  Petr can still pull the emergency brake at any time if traffic
becomes too large.


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