[tex-live] troubles with texlive 2007 + mathtime + lucida

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Mar 1 09:32:57 CET 2007

Karl Berry wrote:
> More than once, I asked for people to look at the documentation and
> suggest new or different "highlights".  No one ever did.  It's a
> judgment call, and in the absence of any other input, my judgment was
> that a very, very, small percentage of TL users (a) use mathtime/lucida
> in the first place, and (b) would be affected by the change.  Whatever
> the percentage, obviously you were one of them, and I see some more
> reports on comp.text.tex about this, so I regret not including it now.

FWIW, the missing lucida metrics affect ConTeXt as well. The lb*.tfm
files where included in tetex, but they are not in texlive anymore,
so we had someone upgrading from tetex who suddenly discovered that
old input files don't work any more.

It's OK, I am aware things change over time. Just wanted to let you
know and I hope the metrics can be re-included next year.

Best wishes,


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