[tex-live] troubles with texlive 2007 + mathtime + lucida

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Mar 1 01:09:30 CET 2007

    complete mathtime and lucida packages

It would seem they were not the complete packages in your texmf-local,
or you would not have been depending on anything in TL.  There is
nothing in TL which is not also part of the commercial packages, as far
as I know.

    1) TELL.  the "highlights of changes in the current release" page in the
        texlive site says nothing.

More than once, I asked for people to look at the documentation and
suggest new or different "highlights".  No one ever did.  It's a
judgment call, and in the absence of any other input, my judgment was
that a very, very, small percentage of TL users (a) use mathtime/lucida
in the first place, and (b) would be affected by the change.  Whatever
the percentage, obviously you were one of them, and I see some more
reports on comp.text.tex about this, so I regret not including it now.

Since it's too late to change the documentation, I added an entry to
http://tug.org/texlive/bugs.html about it.  Pointing at your message,
which I hope other people in the same situation will find useful.


As you can see by the path, those files are part of the psnfssx package.
I considered removing the Lucida files from TL, but one of our other
major considerations is for TL to distribute exactly what is on CTAN
whenever feasible, without making extra changes.

I don't actually know who (if anyone) maintains psnfssx, and didn't have
time to pursue it all in advance of the release.  Help?


Those files are part of the vtex package.  To be honest, I'm not sure
where they came from.  If someone could look back in the logs to see,
that would be helpful.


MathTime is a more complicated story than Lucida.  Although the mt fonts
are not free, the belleek fonts are.  I do not have a good understanding
of what (if anything) is useful for Belleek and what is only useful for
MT.  Although Bruno Voisin made heroic efforts to research this and
inform me, we ultimately could not resolve everything before the
release.  I await additional information to act.

(Bruno was the only person from whom I received anything before the
release.  When people don't test, surprises are inevitable.)

    2005 and 2007 require a different texmf-local.  

I don't see why.  If you copy the complete Lucida and MT packages to
your texmf-local, it will work fine with both 2005 and 2007, as far as I
know.  I guess that is what you are doing based on the above, but now
you are writing otherwise.


Well, I could repeat my arguments for why I removed Lucida and MT in the
first place, all of which was publicly discussed, but I don't feel like
taking the time, and I doubt you want to hear them anyway.  You are free
to make your own TeX distribution to your own liking.

Thanks for the report(s).


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