[tex-live] bugfixes for TL2007

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Jun 27 17:23:29 CEST 2007

I have just checked in a few bug fixes for XeTeX in TeX Live 2007, in  
texlive/branches/branch2007 of the SVN repository.

Some notes regarding how things are arranged in the repository:

* texlive/trunk will no doubt receive all kinds of updates, new  
features, etc over the coming months. This is in contrast to the  
TL2007 branch discussed below.

* texlive/branches/branch2007 is for the TL2007 release, and will not  
receive new features, only bug fixes for what's already part of the  
release. (Until today, it was untouched since the release.)

* texlive/tags/texlive-2007.0 is a copy of TL2007 at the time of the  
DVD release; this should not be changed. Additional tags may be  
created to identify subsequent bug-fix "releases" (even though these  
will not be released on physical media).

* the copy of source.tar.bz2 in branch2007 is not necessarily up-to- 
date with the most recent patches committed to the actual source tree  
there. (Dates and/or revision numbers should make this clear!) I  
suggest that when we tag a bug-fix release, though, we should ensure  
it has a fresh source.tar.bz2 archive as a convenience for  
redistributors who wish to adopt the fixed version as the basis of  
their packages.

Regarding the actual fixes committed to the 2007 branch: these  
primarily provide xetex compatibility on big-endian 64-bit systems.  
In addition, they correct two minor bugs where xetex generated  
incorrect output, and protect xetex and xdvipdfmx from certain kinds  
of defective TrueType fonts that could cause crashes.

The current branch2007/Build/source code has been successfully built  
on powerpc-darwin, i386-darwin, i386-openbsd, and i386-linux. If the  
changes have inadvertently introduced problems anywhere else, please  
let me know.

A cumulative patch based on the code from the DVD release can readily  
be generated from Subversion:

   svn diff svn://tug.org/texlive/tags/texlive-2007.0/Build/source \
            svn://tug.org/texlive/branches/branch2007/Build/source \
            > tl2007.1.patch.txt

This generates a 32K patch incorporating all the changes so far. (See  
the Subversion log for more details of the individual changes, if  

If no problems are noted within the next couple of days, I propose to  
update source.tar.bz2 in the branch, and tag this bug-fix release as  


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