[tex-live] fullpage package, tabular and margin

c l laurent07 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 18:20:43 CEST 2007

When i compile and see the following tex code, i have the text and last
\hline too right vs. *Achieved Projects* and first big \rule.
I'd like the text and last \hline in line with *Archived Projects* and first
big \rule.

How can i fix the right margin issue in the following tex code?



Achieved Projects
\textbf{2003}  &
\textbf{Project 1 Virtual channels Allocation} \emph{UML-Java, Network
Calculus} -- Study the allocation of the virtual channels of the Project 1
Study Full-Duplex Layer 2 (\,part 7 of the Standard B Specification\,) in
order to comply with the latency constraints, bus load, and safety. Use of
methods of network computations, optimization with constraints and
heuristcs. Define and compare different algorithms allowing the optimization
of the virtual channels allocation.\\[2.5ex]
\textbf{2002} &
\textbf{Network Simulations} \emph{QNAP} -- Analyze the network performance
evaluations via software simulation with QNAP.\\[2.5ex]
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