[tex-live] texdoc in luatex

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Jun 25 15:18:08 CEST 2007

Frank Küster wrote:
> Taco Hoekwater <taco at elvenkind.com> wrote:
>>>> Frank Küster wrote:
>>>>> b) kpse* in luatex?
> [...]
>>> Probably I would need the analog of kpsewhich --var-value, too:
>> Ok, that will be included in the next snapshot (sometime this week)
> Thanks, I've started working on "texdoclua".  I've not actually used
> kpse.var_value yet, because I ran into a different problem:  if it needs
> to unzip, texdoc creates a temporary directory and puts the file there.  
> But I couldn't find a way to create a directory in lua.  There's
> io.tempfile, but that gives always a file, and os.tempname, but then I'm
> missing a function os.createdir.  Can anyone help me?

LuaFileSystem (from the kepler project) is included, and it has an
lfs.mkdir function.  See
for some other useful functions.

Cheers, taco

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