[tex-live] new tl infrastructure

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Jun 25 10:10:06 CEST 2007

Hi Edd,

On Son, 24 Jun 2007, Edd Barrett wrote:
> You may have such functionality already. I would like to see
> functionality that will help me generate my distfiles for the 2008
> release of the OpenBSD port. For 2007 I wrote a tool myself (MFsplit I
> called it), which can do things like:
> scheme-full minus scheme-tetex.tpm, but only runfiles and srcfiles.

Nup, something does not exist. We will probably have to write something
similar for the (new) perl based installer. But until that time you have
to rewrite it yourself.

Btw, since you seem to be fluent in Python, could you write some access
library to the TeX Live Package Database for python? Since our
management scripts are based on perl the perl libraries are more
extensive then necessary. For python we would need only the equivalent
of the TLPDB.pm and TLPOBJ.pm (afais) ?!  ;-)

> Hope you see this as useful.

I don't understand python at all .... so no help for me.

Best wishes


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