[tex-live] texlive2007 gui

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Jun 20 23:06:26 CEST 2007

Philip A. Viton writes:

 > The very nice installation GUI contains a number of dialogs of the form:
 > "Are you sure to install Ghostscript"
 > it's probably old news, but I think it would be more idiomatic to 
 > change all those dialogs to "Are you sure you want to ...", assuming, 
 > as I think is correct, that "Yes" means "Yes I want to install 
 > Ghostscript", etc. I know that the first time I saw the dialog I was 
 > a bit nonplussed, not being entirely sure what was being asked.

There are many things which can be improved.  The guys who wrote the
installer did not get much feedback from users before the test images
had been available.  But then they worked very hard to solve problems
with certain platforms and even provided support for more platforms.
There had not been enough time to fix the string pool.

However, at the moment we are thinking about a new installer but we
cannot guarantee that it will be ready when TL-2008 is released.
Therefore we decided not to remove the TL-2007 installer until we have
something better.

I suppose that your native language is English.  Then you can help us.
On your CD/DVD there is a file "setuptl/msgs/en.msg" which contains
the messages.  If you send me an improved version I'll replace the
file in the TeXLive repository.


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