[tex-live] Tech Live (was Portable TeX web page)

poti at potis.org poti at potis.org
Fri Jun 15 19:13:24 CEST 2007

On 02:13 Tue 10 Apr     , poti at potis.org wrote:
> On 23:37 Sun 08 Apr     , Siep Kroonenberg wrote:
> > http://tex.aanhet.net/portable/
> > 
> > Scripts and notes for portable TeX Live and portable MikTeX
> >
> Great to see your site Siep! 
> I have posted my emacs-specific scripts at:
> http://potis.org/~poti/software/livedvd
> I just finished testing on Windows NT with the file
> texmf-doc/doc/english/guide-to-latex/demodoc.tex
> after commenting out \usepackage{palatino} and it seems
> to work. SumatraPDF works great as the pdf browser, thanks 
> for the tip. I do not know if the dvi solution is acceptable,
> though I think what I have also works. 
> I believe all works on Linux and OSX too, though I am still
> testing as of this mail. 
I thought I should update that the Tex Live component of my project
has been working for some time now. The concept in general also works: 
attach your favorite portable media to a lab computer, and your work
environment is there. If you want to install on Windows, copy the contents 
to your hard drive, create an Emacs shortcut, and after a click, you can 
almost forget you are using Windows. I had the other programs working when 
a few people asked about Matlab, and I started to look into Octave. 

On the Octave maintainer's list it seems a portable Octave may work out
so I can add that to the project, in which case the name 'Tech Live' 
suggests itself for what I was calling the 'Stat Live' DVD. 

I may think better of this later, or upon correction here, but at the moment 
it seems very catchy and appropriate. 

-Poti Giannakouros

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