[tex-live] TeX Live on NetBSD: first steps

Jukka Salmi j+tex-live at 2007.salmi.ch
Fri Jun 15 10:45:39 CEST 2007


Karl Berry --> tex-live (2007-06-14 12:54:25 -0500):
>     ...and branch2007/Build contains exactly what the source tarball from
>     the iso image contains, isn't it? 
> Yes.
>     /b/tmp/jukka/texlive/2007/bin/fmtutil:
>     /b/tmp/jukka/texlive/texmf/texconfig/tcfmgr: not found 

This problem disappeared after moving the binaries from `bin/' to
`bin/i386-netbsd/' as Reinhard Kotucha suggested.

> I think the tcfmgr script is missing because it is part of the
> bin-texconfig package, and you did not install any binaries.
> I'm not sure what else might be in the same boat.
> So, let me make this new suggestion (sorry): do the install-tl.sh again,
> but this time use the b option and go ahead and install i386-linux.
> After the install, ignore the bin/i386-linux/ dir and copy in your
> netbsd binaries as before.
> That way the "binaries" that are actually part of the texmf tree, like
> tcfmgr, will get installed.  It would seem I should rearrange the
> dependencies somehow, although the right thing is not immediately
> apparent to me.

OK, I installed TL as you told (selecting i386-linux binaries) and
then compared (diff -r) the two installations. Except for the
`bin/i386-linux/' directory and some `bin-*.i386-linux' files in
`texmf/lists/' both installations were identical.

After copying over the NetBSD binaries I set $PATH accordingly and ran

$ PATH=/b/tmp/jukka/texlive/2007.bin/bin/i386-netbsd:$PATH
$ texconfig init
tcfmgr: config file `tcfmgr.map' (usually in $TEXMFMAIN/texconfig) not found.
fmtutil: config file `fmtutil.cnf' not found.

Hmm, but these files are there:

$ cd /b/tmp/jukka/texlive/2007.bin
$ find . -name tcfmgr.map -o -name fmtutil.cnf

> One other hint: If you have any TeX-related environment variables set,
> unset them.

I don't think I have...

BTW: while installing TL from the `live' distribution I see the
following error:

$ sh install-tl.sh
Enter command: i
Preparing destination directories... done preparing.
test: 1: unexpected operator
Preparing list of files to be installed...

$ sh -x install-tl.sh
+ test -z 
+ echo done preparing.
done preparing.
+ test = 1
test: 1: unexpected operator
+ make_local_skeleton

I don't see this error when installing from the `inst' distribution.
However, I compared installations from `inst' and `live' distributions
and they are identical, so it seems not to be a critical error.

> By the way, would you be interested in supplying netbsd binaries in the
> next release?

Sure, I could do this. But IMHO NetBSD users would appreciate it more
if there was a [1]pkgsrc package available to build TL. Currently only
teTeX can be built using pkgsrc. If I find out how to get TL working
on my NetBSD box I might try to create a TL pkgsrc package.

Regards, Jukka

[1] http://www.netbsd.org/docs/software/packages.html

bashian roulette:
$ ((RANDOM%6)) || rm -rf ~

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