[tex-live] TL2007 epstopdf: Script interpreter is not found in PATH

Lianqing Yu lianqing.yu at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 14 09:53:12 CEST 2007

Thanks. But how to solve this problem?> Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 09:48:46 +0200> From: zdenek.wagner at gmail.com> To: lianqing.yu at hotmail.com> Subject: Re: [tex-live] TL2007 epstopdf: Script interpreter is not found in PATH> CC: tex-live at tug.org> > 2007/6/14, Lianqing Yu <lianqing.yu at hotmail.com>:> > > I uninstall TexLive 2003 and install 2007 and try the t-eps.tex you gave> > me. After the command 'epstopdf golfer.eps', I get the error message:> > Script interpreter is not found in PATH.> > What's problem? I remember I did not install perl during the installation> > of TeXLive 2007.> >> That's exactly the problem, epstopdf is written in perl. And it uses> ghostscript so be sure that you have it too.> >> >> > ________________________________> > Make every IM count. Download Windows Live Messenger and join the i'm> > Initiative now. It's free.?? Make it count!> > > -- > Zdeněk Wagner> http://hroch486.icpf.cas.cz/wagner/> http://icebearsoft.euweb.cz
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