[tex-live] TeX Live on NetBSD: first steps

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Jun 13 21:26:05 CEST 2007

Jukka Salmi writes:
 > Hi,
 > I'm trying install TeX Live on a NetBSD system because I want to use
 > LaTeX. Building the [1]sources using the `Build' script worked (almost)
 > out of the box, so now I have a TeX Live installation in `inst/'.
 > What steps do I have to take next? Except for moving the `inst/'
 > contents to the desired destination... E.g. I tried to run latex and
 > failed:
 > $ PATH=/usr/local/src/texlive/inst/bin/i386-unknown-netbsdelf4.99.20:$PATH
 > $ MANPATH=/usr/local/src/texlive/inst/man:$MANPATH

This is probably the wrong way.  TeXLive-2007 works.  The only thing
missing are binaries for your platform.  The best solution is to
install TeXLive-2007 and add the missing files _only_.

Simply install TeXLive as it is (maybe without any binaries).  Then
get the Build tree and put it into a completely separate directory.

You need the Build tree for nothing else but for compiling the

And _don't_ use the current Build tree from the repository, check out
branches/branch2007/Build instead of trunk/Build.

The reason is that you probably get into trouble with pool files if
you are using the current sources.

Run the Build script and copy the binaries (and only the binaries) to
the appropriate directory in the TeXLive tree, for instance
/Path/to/TeXLive/bin/i386-netbsd.  Make sure that symlinks are copied
as symlinks.

Set $PATH accordingly and run:

    texconfig init

This will create all the format files.

The most important thing is that you do not use anything else but the
binaries from the inst tree.  Everything else in inst which is useful
is already in the TL-2007 distribution.


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