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Richard HARDWICK rch at skynet.be
Mon Jun 11 21:56:10 CEST 2007

                                   Bruxelles, le 11-06-2007
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    à l'attention de Frank  Küster
    cc Karl Berry

    objet : - 51235 re: Hidden treasures in TeXLive

Dear Frank Küster, Dear Karl Berry
    Thank you both for your very helpful inputs.

    Following your hints, I hacked my perl script so that it
    now formats the index as per the TeXLive directory

    I think that the result is much improved - see

    I use Glyph & Cog's pdftotext.exe from TeXLive
    (c:\texlive2005\bin\win32\pdftotext.exe) to extract text
    from the pdf.

    I would try to get metadata out as well or instead, if only I knew how.
    I had a quick look at  the other Glyph & Cog utilities in \bin\win32\
    (pdffonts.exe, pdfimages.exe, pdfinfo.exe, pdfthumb.exe)
    but without much joy

    I use Leo Charre's module Image::Magick::Thumbnail::PDF
    to make the thumbnails. I think a thumbnail picture of the first
    page of each pdf is very helpful - but maybe you will
    say that all this is taking up too much space (420 gifs
    and 31 html files, 3.47MB total).

    Meilleures salutations
    Richard Hardwick

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