[tex-live] Patch for "texdoc -s" to use the ls-R database

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Jun 1 01:56:53 CEST 2007

Hi Frnak,

    It uses a new switch for the new behavior (-S)

My inclination would be to not have a new option just to enable the
"right" behavior.  Just have the right behavior by default.


Since everything ends in $ (except you forgot it on vf, unless you were
trying to ignore the few vf2/vf3 files?), might as well just assume
that.  It's no loss in generality, since a pattern could end with .*.
(That is, could egrep for "($NODOC_PATTERN)\$".)

    pattern should finally be made customizable with an option.  I also

I guess.  The chances of anyone actually wanting to customize it seem to
be between slim and none to me.

    call kpsewhere instead of kpsewhich in this case.

I didn't even know kpsewhere existed.  It should never have been
implemented, it seems to me.  It is what kpsewhich --all did, but
apparently that got broken at some intervening time.  Sigh.

    grep only through the doc parts of ls-R

If you mean extract out the doc subtrees only, maybe
filter first with sed -n '/^\.doc/,/^$/p' ?
Or it could definitely be done with awk.

    Or I reimplement texdoc in Perl - 

If you really have the energy!

    maybe that's even an improvement for the windows people?

Presumably it would be.

    With the old implementation (texdoc -s lm), I get 

With the texdoc in TL2007, texdoc -s lm takes 7sec on the first run for
me.  (Much less than 1sec on the second run, since it's all in disk
cache, presumably.)


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