[tex-live] building binaries for FreeBSD-STABLE amd64

Nikola Lecic nlecic at EUnet.yu
Thu Jul 26 17:26:16 CEST 2007

(I appologise if this appears twice -- I sent the original mail ~90 mins
ago and mailman still hasn't even registered it, so I assume it's lost.)

Hi George,

On Wed, 25 Jul 2007 16:46:47 -0700
George Hartzell <hartzell at alerce.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm interested in tex live for my FreeBSD-STABLE amd64 system.  

Roland Smith has some notes on compiling TeXLive on amd64-FreeBSD:

> There was some recent traffic on the FreeBSD ports list discussing an
> OpenBSD port, and I've been playing with that author's notes and
> working on a FreeBSD version.  

Please beware that there is ongoing work on porting TeXLive to FreeBSD
by a FreeBSD developer (hrs@); nobody wants to duplicate the job.

> I'm not as familiar as I should be with the FreeBSD TeX ports
> ins-and-outs, and it occurs to me that a quicker path to what I want
> at the moment might just be using the TeX Live build infrastructure to
> build a new set of binaries.  There's already Freebsd support there,
> and there's already x86_64 support so "how hard could it be" (tm).  

As you see on Roland's site, it isn't different than building anywhere
else. You have to download either release DVD or stable snapshot and
to build source/ directory. However, if you have a FreeBSD-specific
problems compiling source/, write here (or on freebsd-ports@ /
freebsd-questions@) and they will be solved :)

Nikola Lečić

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