[tex-live] Embedding TrueType fonts in manuals

Akira Kakuto kakuto at fsci.fuk.kindai.ac.jp
Tue Jul 24 02:36:08 CEST 2007

Hi Karl,

> As for dvi-to-pdf, I was under the impression that dvipdfmx does embed
> the base14 by default.  Is that not the case?

I think that depends on the setting. If that is not the case
by default, users can override the default by

dvipdfmx -f dlbase14.map ...

where the map file dlbase14.map must exist under

% dlbase14.map
% urw fonts (in Ghostscript) are embedded for the Base 14 fonts.
% dvipdfmx -f dlbase14.map ... ...
% Courier
pcrr8r    8r    ucrr8a
pcrb8r    8r    ucrb8a
pcrro8r   8r    ucrro8a
pcrbo8r   8r    ucrbo8a
pcrr8rn   8r    ucrr8a -e 0.85
% Helvetica
phvr8r    8r    uhvr8a
phvb8r	  8r    uhvb8a
phvro8r   8r    uhvro8a
phvbo8r   8r    uhvbo8a

% Helvetica narrow
phvbon8r  8r    uhvbo8ac
phvbrn8r  8r    uhvb8ac
phvron8r  8r    uhvro8ac
phvrrn8r  8r    uhvr8ac
phvb8rn   8r    uhvb8ac
phvbo8rn  8r    uhvbo8ac
phvr8rn   8r    uhvr8ac
phvro8rn  8r    uhvro8ac
% Symbol
psyr      none  usyr
psyro     none  usyr -s 0.167
% Raw Symbol
rpsyr     none  usyr
% Times
ptmr8r    8r    utmr8a
ptmb8r    8r    utmb8a
ptmbi8r   8r    utmbi8a
ptmri8r   8r    utmri8a
% Raw Times
rptmr     none  utmr8a
rptmb     none  utmb8a
rptmbi    none  utmbi8a
rptmri    none  utmri8a
ptmbo8r   8r    utmb8a -s 0.167
ptmro8r   8r    utmr8a -s 0.167
ptmrre8r  8r    utmr8a -e 1.2
ptmrrn8r  8r    utmr8a -e 0.8
% ZapfDingbats
pzdr      none  uzdr
% txfonts
rtxptmb   tx8r  utmb8a
rtxptmbo  tx8r  utmb8a -s 0.167
rtxptmbi  tx8r  utmbi8a
rtxptmr   tx8r  utmr8a
rtxptmro  tx8r  utmr8a -s 0.167
rtxptmri  tx8r  utmri8a
rtxphvr   tx8r  uhvr8a
rtxphvro  tx8r  uhvro8a
rtxphvb   tx8r  uhvb8a
rtxphvbo  tx8r  uhvbo8a

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