[tex-live] new tl infrastructure

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Jul 22 08:26:00 CEST 2007

Hi Ed,

On Sam, 21 Jul 2007, Edd Barrett wrote:
> It seems a lot has changed in the infrastructure since I last read the 
> thread.

Well, not much has changed *within* the new infra, but wrt the old, yes.

> My question (which is probably aimed at Norbert?) is, is there an easy
> way to generate the set of distfiles that I used for the OpenBSD port

If you tell me what is this set of "dist" files? I took a short look at
the pdf you mentioned, but I don't have much time (I am mountain guiding
for 4 weeks). 

So, to get the tpm files there is no easy way. But you could take a look
at the perl modules, or the present texlive.tlpdb and see if you can
write a python module for accessing this stuff.

> A suggestion that I made a python API was floating around, but it
> seems silly if there is already a good perl API, which could to the
> trick(?).

Yes, there is a perl api for all of this, see
which contains pod documentation. The pod documentation is the most
up2date, the one from TLPSRC.pm contains the format definition.

You can also look into
where there are some specification docs, but it could be that they are
*slightly* (really only slightly) out of date.

Ah yes, in 
there are scripts which we use to update the db etc etc, take a look.

Best wishes


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