[tex-live] Compile fails on Mac OS X Server 10.3.9

Joachim Schrod jschrod at acm.org
Fri Jul 20 16:11:35 CEST 2007

Jonathan Kew wrote:
> On 20 Jul 2007, at 5:35 am, Akira Kakuto wrote:
>> [...]
>>> /usr/local/TeXLive-working-copy/Build/source/texk/kpathsea/tex-file.c:
>>> 32:28: kpathsea/paths.h: No such file or directory
>>> What has gone wrong? Configure? or SVN?
>>> Configure did not make a paths.h. Should it have done so?
> Use the latest revision of branches/branch2007/Build rather than 
> tags/texlive-2007.0/Build, as this gets you some significant bug-fixes.

This problem exists in branch2007/, and in trunk/ as well.
tex-file.c includes paths.h, but paths.h is not listed in the 
dependencies, neither for the .lo files nor for the library. If one 
adds it (as in my patch that I just posted and committed), it is 
properly created and used.

This is not confined to OS X. I first encountered the problem 
yesterday with a fresh checkout on FreeBSD and could corroberate it 
today on Linux, too.


Joachim Schrod				Email: jschrod at acm.org
Roedermark, Germany

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