[tex-live] hebrew support

Dima Sorkin dsorkin at techunix.technion.ac.il
Tue Jul 17 14:06:56 CEST 2007

 I have some list of questions regarding the hebrew on new tex-live.
I intend to install it on SuSe 10.2 or Fedora Core 4.
All questions are regarding LaTeX.

1) Is compiling documents written on unicode hebrew supported ?
   Will the following work ?

2) Do I have to install hebrew fonts (culmus fonts, jerus, etc)
   additionally to what comes with tex-live ? Does it matter if I
   work with ISO-8859-8 encoding or unicode (if supported)

3) On SuSe 10.2 and Fedora Core 4 (with latest teTex installed there),
   I had a problem that for an 'article' document written in hebrew,
   the pdflatex or ps2pdf crashed if document size is more than 2 pages.
   Is this problem something known ? Was it solved ?
   I was recommended to use the 'amsart' class of the document when
   writing on hebrew. Didn't tried yet, but what can it change ?

Thank you.

 Please CC me on answers, I'm not in the list.

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