[tex-live] Updates to the TeXLive infra structure

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Thu Jul 12 11:54:33 CEST 2007

Hi Florent, hi all,

I have updated the perl modules and the specification in the pod
documentation such that:

> 	docfiles size=.... 
> 	 file1 attr1="val1" attr2="val2" ...
> attrI is not allowed to contain spaces, valI can contain spaces, but no `"'

is allowed. Note that for now the ONLY attributes are

Furthermore, there is the possibility to update practically everything
present in the Catalogue (and which is already parsed in
TeXCatalogue.pm) into a TLPOBJ by using
	catalogue-foobar value
as key/value pair. These things are available via

I also wrote a method for TLPOBJ
which does currently the following:
	(respective fields in the xml files in the Catalogue)
and for docfiles adds the 
tags if present in the catalogue.

The logic behind this is the following (in pseudocode):

for each CatalogueDocFile
  take the href entry
  remove the 'ctan:' prefix
  remove the ctan path element 
  # what remains is eg /README or /doc/foobar.pdf
  for each TLPOBJ Docfile
    if it matches /CatalogueDocFile$/ # ie end match
       update the detail and language stuff if present

Since I don't know how the package tags will be named in the catalogue,
I haven't added the update of this, but if it is necessary, it is a
trivial change in TLPOBJ.pm, in update_from_catalogue, and in
TeXCatalogue.pm (less trivial, needs to be xml parsed).

I hope that brings us a step further ...

For Karl: Nothing changes for normal usage, since update-tlpdb does NOT
call tlpsrc2tlpdb with the catalogue stuff.

For Reinhard: If you still not use the modules take care ...

Best wishes


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