[tex-live] Dependencies resolved -> List-of-Files-to-install (was: Re: tlpdb-file sorted)

Oliver Bandel oliver at first.in-berlin.de
Mon Jul 9 10:27:32 CEST 2007

Zitat von Norbert Preining <preining at logic.at>:

> On Son, 08 Jul 2007, Oliver Bandel wrote:
> > I have slurped in the whole TLPDB-file, revision 4520
> > and after reading in I have printed it out.
> >
> > It has now all filelists sorted alphabetically and
> > all sizes of the same category (e.g. all sections of
> > binfiles of one package) will be sorted by size.
> What is the use of this?

It was the first "hello, I'm back" after
going off list ;-)
And it was the first rudimental functionality that could
make sense to provide. It was a "hey, fine, my tlpdb-reader
works" happiness.

I have now added more functionality: In the file

one can find a resolved package-dependency for each package.

The file contains the names of ALL packages that must be installed,
when installing a package with a certain name.

I looked for the dependencies of a package, added these to the
name of files one needs to install, and also looked for the
dependencies of theese packages...recursively.

So, for each package now the name of all packages that must be installed
are in that file, in a similar format as the tlpdb-file.

With 157662 Bytes size it's remarkable small.

If now someone want to add a list of packages,
the only thing that must be done to find the
list of all packages that must be installed, is,
to gather all names of the listed files, making them
"uniq" and install them.

No further dependency-checks are necessary.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to provide such a file
for the installation? Then the installation-scripts
only needs to slurp in the names...

... It could also make sense to put together files,
that will be used most often, very closely on the CD-/DVD-Image,
or compressing them together in a zip/gz/tgz-file (if compressing
is necessary).

Does this provide any help?
IMHO such a list makes sense.

What do you think?


P.S.: If it would be possible to locate the position of the files on the
      disk-image, one also could provide an automatic installation-order,
      to minimize the disk-reading-times.
      But I have no clue about disk images at that time, so this only
      is a first idea. But maybe looking at the file-locations more closeely
      could make sense.

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