[tex-live] Better ways to find packages and documentation

Florent Rougon f.rougon at free.fr
Fri Jul 6 19:21:27 CEST 2007

Oliver Bandel <oliver at first.in-berlin.de> wrote:

>> That's spellt "rationale"...
> something like a documentation of the whole process?

No, see <http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?va=rationale>.

> Shat's what I've looked for, when I subscribed this list.

You cannot expect documents to be written before they have been written,
or you have to write them yourself.

> Qt?
> Will the next texlive-DVD include graphical installers based on Qt?!

Who said that? I never talked about the installer.

> Or am I completely out of order of the discussion?

Seems to be the case, yes.

> Maybe discussing per Mail is not helping here,
> because I will not read 10.000 splitters of docs and code snippets,
> only because there is no overview on the concept that is planned to implement.

It is indeed a sad fact that noone here has volonteered yet to write
such documents for your own comfort. Sorry about that.



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