[tex-live] linux 2.4 binaries

Joachim Schrod jschrod at acm.org
Fri Jul 6 01:57:03 CEST 2007

Karl Berry wrote:
> Michel Goossens at CERN kindly provided access to an old GNU/Linux
> machine running a 2.4 kernel to produce the i386-linux binaries that
> were in TL 2007.  CERN's security people are now planning to upgrade
> that machine, so it won't be available for the next TL release.
> So, does anyone else have a 2.4 machine available to do this?  The
> easiest way is if I am able to log in and do the builds myself, but
> having binaries supplied is doable too.  Obviously it doesn't matter
> right now, but I'm trying to avoid surprises at the end.
> Unless such a machine materializes, we will be forced to move on to
> Linux 2.6 in 2008 :).

I have several 2.4 systems, we can surely arrange something.

One of them (a SUSE 9.0) is still reachable from the Internet until 
the end of the year; it's a small virtual system at a hosting company.

If we need it for longer, I can also supply login on a SUSE 9.[0-3] 
in a VMware instance. Or maybe a Debian Sarge, but I have to check 
that first. That would be sufficient, too, would it?

But I can not promise that I will find the time to build the 
binaries myself -- that depends very much on the actual workload at 
my company, and you should not count on it.


Joachim Schrod				Email: jschrod at acm.org
Roedermark, Germany

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