[tex-live] Execution time on Solaris Sparc

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 28 23:12:25 CET 2007

Hi Jean-Pierre,

    ...pdftex.map): invalid entry for `grmo1000': both ps_name 

It seems to me you have answered your own question.  You say it's
looking for fonts that don't exist.  That is always time-consuming.  So
the question would seem to be why grmo1000.tfm et al. aren't listed
correctly in the .map's, and/or not present in your trees and/or ls-R's.

Since you are apparently doing your own custom installation procedures,
obviously I don't know how this came about.  They are installed by
default, and I believe I even ran a document with them at one point.

For myself, I see no meaningful speed difference between any TeX version
ever released.  I'm sure it is something about the support files, not
TeX itself.


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