[tex-live] Problem with Lucida Bright

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Feb 27 02:52:29 CET 2007

Hi Colin,

    abbreviations in the `special.map' file; for example, "lbmo" relates
    to "yandy  lumath".

I don't think special.map is the problem.  Without special.map, lbmo
would be using the directory linotype/bulmer (lbm in fontname-land).
Anyway, those are just intermediate directories under fonts/, it doesn't
really matter.

    since ConTeXt is instructed to use the map file

I am unfamiliar with that map file (as well as with ConTeXt and Lucida
in general).  However, I can say this: lbmo.tfm isn't a tfm file in the
current Lucida distributions (and hasn't been in years, since the demise
of Y&Y).

I don't know if anyone on the lucida at tug.org list (or here) has made
updated ConTeXt support; you might ask.  Unfortunately I don't know the
names of the math tfm's offhand, although I seem to recall that Walter
Schmidt and I put them into one of the Lucida doc files.  All the docs
and tfm's (everything but the pfb's) are on CTAN.


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