[tex-live] tex live 2007 released

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Feb 20 23:39:24 CET 2007

    > IMO, it's probably worth providing the inst image, for the sake of
    > people who want to be able to burn a CD. 

I don't think it is desirable for CTAN to hold the inst image, because
then people will download it, try to install it, and complain that their
system is not on there.  It already happened several times just during
test.  I believe that the number of people who want to burn physical
CD's is pretty minuscule.

As for having it on tug, well, the image is there.  I don't feel the
need to widely advertise it.  I tried to improve the description in the
HEADER.html in the Images directory, which also ends up in CTAN.

    > note to the readme, though, mentioning the limited range of systems
    > supported by inst.

Too late to modify the readme now, unfortunately.  I did attempt to make
it clear on the web pages, among other places.


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