[tex-live] Win32 run from DVD, customization and paper size

poti giannakouros potiatpotisdotorg at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 13 07:01:02 CET 2007

Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org> wrote:     I think that paper size should always be specified in each document.

I don't agree with "always", but never mind the theory.  The point here
is that it is certainly the case in practice that many documents do not
specify a paper size, and Potis' run-off-dvd installation needs to work
with them without further ado.  An installation in the USA that defaults
to a4 is not, in practice, usable.
Thank you Karl,
  With your advice and by reading through the tlpmgui postinstall source code,
 I think I know what I need to do when I get to the office and re-boot the computer to Windows. This is indeed a prerequisite for a functioning DVD in my setting.
 And thank you Zdenek for suggesting a  private package to keep settings. 
 Short of  that more advanced approach to document consistency, I thought about setting up emacs to suggest good practice to the new learner. I can set the document environment default to letterpaper but I have not yet found how to make 'insert document environment' also add  the line  \usepackage{geometry}, 
 though I am sure I will soon. However, I am not clear on what I would do for specifying a driver if the objective was to ensure consistency on a foreign computer. 


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