[tex-live] Missing skak symbols

Scott Pakin scott at pakin.org
Fri Feb 9 20:03:37 CET 2007

The skak package doesn't seem to work when running from an installation of
texlivetest2007-inst-20070206.iso.  As a quick test, try running latex on
texmf-dist/doc/latex/skak/informator.tex and viewing the result.  When I do,
most of the symbols are missing.

I believe the problem is that there are two versions of uskak.fd in TeX Live:
texmf-dist/tex/latex/skak/uskak.fd and texmf-dist/tex/latex/skaknew/uskak.fd.
The former, which is what shows up when I do a "kpsewhich uskak.fd" defines
the "normal" font with "\DeclareFontShape{U}{skak}{m}{n}{<-> skakf10 }{}".
The latter defines the "normal" font with
"\DeclareFontShape{U}{skak}{m}{n}{<-> SkakNew-Figurine}{}".  If I delete
skak/uskak.fd but retain skaknew/uskak.fd the generated informator.dvi file
looks fine.

-- Scott

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