[tex-live] TeXLive2007.02.04 and Windows Vista

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Feb 8 17:41:05 CET 2007

Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Don, 08 Feb 2007, Gerben Wierda wrote:
>>> unable to open key: Access is denied.
>> Haah, probably the new security features! Maybe typing "allow" at some
>> point would help? Or turning speech recognition on and shouting "ALLOW!"
>> at your computer? ;-)
i never could figure out the osx installation related security (who/what 
is root and which/what password to use when etc) and some stuff simple 
could not get installed so i guess apple has some rules as well -)
> ;-)))) Phantastic. Thanks a lot for this pearl of wisdom. I will try it
> with my not existent Vista installation. Great. If this could work ;-)
as far as read about, installation on vista has more strict rules now (even more strict on the 64 bit version where all drivers need to be signed) so maybe the installer is not playing according to the rules (whatever these rules are)  

since Lamport works at microsoft ... maybe he's willing to figure it out -) 


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