[tex-live] bug : tlpmgui do not behave well in texlive 2007 test

Yule Wang yuleopen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 08:45:04 CET 2007


I am trying texlive 2007 test and have some trouble with the tlpmgui.

I am using Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 Simplified Chinese version,
login with a username that contains Chinese characters, for instance, "王越",
double click the DVD-ROM icon in "My Computer" and a msgbox appear saying:

could not read "C:\DOCUMENT~1\[some very strange characters]\ LOCALS~\Temp": no
such file or directory while executing

but if I right click the tlpmgui icon, use "run as" to execute it using another
username that all characters are English letters, for example "yulewang", then
everything works fine.

It is clear that the tlpmgui program cannot read a directory whose path contains
some non-english [Chinese, Japanese, etc.] words. And some MS Windows users will
run into trouble while installing TeXLive 2007.

One possible way to solve this problem is that we can use another temp directory
to store the data, for example, c:\temp\ or C:\WINDOWS\Temp\. thx

Yue Wang
best regards

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