[tex-live] tlpmgui 1.72 under Win32

Dirk Ullrich dirk.ullrich at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 6 12:38:14 CET 2007

I have rpeated the test described below with the recent version 1.73
of tlpmgui. I will add my results as comment to my original post.

2007/2/5, Dirk Ullrich <dirk.ullrich at googlemail.com>:
> Hi,
> I have tested TL 20070204 installation at a Win32 (WinXP SP2) box
> using tlpmgui version 1,72 included.
Same setting, but using tlpmgui version 1.73.

> I works well (especially the "--install-mode" option!) but I have
> noted some glitches, too:
> (1)
> The Perl collection was installed although I did explicitly uncheck
> its entry during customizing the installation. During installation I
> were never asked concerning the Perl installation. There is a Perl
> alread on the box (ActiveState Perl) with its bin dir included in
> %PATH%. I have noticed this behavior in a former tlpmgui version, but
> in the meantime the problem vanished. Now I have it back--time seems
> indeed running in a loop :-).
Unchecking the Perl collection will still be ignored. (Why? Is Perl
quietly scheduled for installation for some dependency reasons? I have
checked all collections but Perl and any documentation other than
base, English and German.)
At first glance things then turns to the better: My Perl installation
is correctly detected and I am being asked whether I really want to
install Perl. But sadly a "No" answer to this question is ignored,
too: After install process is finished Perl is installed again despite
my "No" :-(.

> (2)
> As I noted earlier my "texmf-doc\doc" folder is littered with the
> directory structure for all documentation collections although I did
> only select base, English and German documentation. Well, only their
> "texmf-doc\doc" subfolders actually contain files, but I would like to
> not get empty documentation folders.
Same results.

> (3)
> Finally a nice-to-have: I would like to being able to customize some
> more install options by tlpmgui under Win32. Would it be, for
> instance, possible to make TL's start menu folder customizable?

Sorry for these news.

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