[tex-live] Testing texlivetest2007-inst-20070204.iso on Intel Macs

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Feb 6 01:41:43 CET 2007

    S option in S option (aka. Press <S> to see collections for this scheme),
    did shows the collections of the scheme, but it disappeared at once,
    why? I'm using Terminal.app.

I removed the clear-screen command to try to avoid this.

    in C option, some text is cutted, for example:

It's a tradeoff between vertical and horizontal space.  Not sure it can
be improved in a tty.

    4. If install-tl.sh is not running with sudo, it will not complain
    until it start trying to make directory and copy files, I think this
    behavior can be improved.

There's no way to know whether the installation directories will be
changed when we start up, but we could check if the directories
specified under <d> are writable.  Definitely too hairy to try to
implement that now, but I'll file it for later.


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