[tex-live] [tlpmgui] Re: [tlpmgui] tlpmgui starts in the wrong mode under Win32

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Feb 5 22:33:24 CET 2007

>>>>> "Dirk" == Dirk Ullrich <dirk.ullrich at googlemail.com> writes:

  > I understand and accept the argument that an ordinary Windows user
  > want things to be preconfigured in a way he have only to start the
  > setup program and get the stuff smoothly installed. To ease many
  > things for non-expert users seems a feature of Windows (ans some
  > Linux distributions) attracting many non-geek users.

I do not think that making things configurable makes them more
difficult.  The simplest thing an installer can do is to present a
dialog box saying "Install TeXLive to c:\texlive2007? [yes] [no]".

The TeXLive installer actually does the same but provides a file
select box where the install dir can be changed.  It still defaults to
c:\texlive2007.  Though the installer is configurable, it can be used
as easily as in the first example.

You can make everything configurable as long as all default settings
are reasonable, or, with other words, if an ordinary Windows user has
nothing else to do but saying "yes".

This works perfectly for the install directory and I suppose it will
work for other things too.

Regarding tlpmgui, it seems that the software exists for some time but
people just noticed it when the test images had been provided.

The tlpmgui team got a lot of feedback during the last few weeks and
they worked very hard on it, most considerably Tomasz Łuczak (Tomek).

TeXLive will be frozen now and I really hope that Tomek finds some
time to relax.


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