[tex-live] Request for help with older map files and their current counterparts

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Feb 5 09:38:44 CET 2007

Hi Mojca,

Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> Since you're opening the topic: are dvipdfm/context/lm-math.map (and
> other dvipdfm map files) already part of gwTeX? Because other users
> have problems using XeTeX without those files. These map files are not
> part of fonts packages themselves (yet?), but as far as I understood
> they were added by Taco to make the Polish fonts usable for XeTeX
> under TeXLive. (Using those old fonts under XeTeX doesn't make much
> sense anyway - ConTeXt will hopefully replace the definitions soon,
> but for math there is really no alternative yet.)

I am told that the dvipdfm map files will be part of the next
releases of the font sets, but that would be too late for texlive,
and that is why I added the files to context provisionally.
gwTeX probably should use the files in some way.

>> ****** hoekwater.map **********
> Taco might need to answer. Files replacing that one are part of
> ConTeXt now - I don't know if/which LaTeX packages might need these
> files.

I do not know much more about that file than you do. I did not
create the map file, I only converted the actual fonts.

> logosl8 LOGOSL8 <logosl8.pfb
> logosl9 LOGOSL9 <logosl9.pfb

These fonts are used by the latex package mflogo, Context does
not use them. The map entries are inside dvips/mflogo/mflogo.map.

> stmary5 stmary5 <stmary5.pfb
> stmary6 stmary6 <stmary6.pfb
> stmary7 stmary7 <stmary7.pfb
> stmary8 stmary8 <stmary8.pfb
> stmary9 stmary9 <stmary9.pfb
> stmary10 stmary10 <stmary10.pfb
  > ? no idea

These fonts are used by the latex package stmaryrd, Context does
not use them. The map entries are inside dvips/stmaryrd/stmaryrd.map



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