[tex-live] Request for help with older map files and their current counterparts

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 00:34:06 CET 2007

On 2/4/07, Gerben Wierda wrote:
> The gwTeX TL subset still has a small part that is copied from the
> old teTeX. I added this to ease the transition, but they will have to
> be removed eventually. It contains mainly of encoding and map files.
> All the encodings are avaiable in TL, but not all the maps.

Since you're opening the topic: are dvipdfm/context/lm-math.map (and
other dvipdfm map files) already part of gwTeX? Because other users
have problems using XeTeX without those files. These map files are not
part of fonts packages themselves (yet?), but as far as I understood
they were added by Taco to make the Polish fonts usable for XeTeX
under TeXLive. (Using those old fonts under XeTeX doesn't make much
sense anyway - ConTeXt will hopefully replace the definitions soon,
but for math there is really no alternative yet.)

> I have looked at the maps and noticed that the following map files
> are present in teTeX (January 2005) and they are not available in TL
> (January 2007).
> ****** cork-antt.map **********

I guess that it was renamed into antt-ec.map now, the latex package
was written by the authors (so for LaTeX there should be no problem)
and ConTeXt package knows about the new map file.

> ****** cs-antt.map **********
> ****** exp-antt.map **********
> ****** greek-antt.map **********
> ****** qx-antt.map **********
> ****** t2a-antt.map **********
> ****** t2b-antt.map **********
> ****** t2c-antt.map **********
> ****** t5-antt.map **********
> ****** texnansi-antt.map **********
> ****** wncy-antt.map **********

Same pattern for all of them:

All those files are currently missing in gwTeX. (Font files are
present, but map files have wrong names - I actually tried to compile
an example and the font is indeed "broken". But I usually need to
incude another TeX tree anyway, since gwTeX is missing some fonts such
as Iwona, so I didn't notice that Antykwa was actually present but

> ****** cs.map **********

They seem to be in /fonts/map/dvips/cs (please check if all the fonts
are included there). ConTeXt doesn't use them.

> ****** pl.map **********

/fonts/map/dvips/pl - same as above

> ****** bsr-interpolated.map **********
> ****** bsr.map **********

Not sure, but /fonts/map/dvips/cm might have replaced them - please
check; ConTeXt doesn't use those

> ****** contnav.map **********

This entry in original-base.map replaced it:
    contnav ContextNavigation          <contnav.pfb
You may safely delete that file.

> ****** hoekwater.map **********

Taco might need to answer. Files replacing that one are part of
ConTeXt now - I don't know if/which LaTeX packages might need these

logosl8 LOGOSL8 <logosl8.pfb
logosl9 LOGOSL9 <logosl9.pfb

? no idea where they are

logo10 LOGO10 <logo10.pfb
logo8 LOGO8 <logo8.pfb
logo9 LOGO9 <logo9.pfb
logobf10 LOGOBF10 <logobf10.pfb
logod10 LOGOD10 <logod10.pfb
logosl10 LOGOSL10 <logosl10.pfb
manfnt manfnt <manfnt.pfb

part of "original-ams-base.map"

rsfs10 rsfs10 <rsfs10.pfb
rsfs5 rsfs5 <rsfs5.pfb
rsfs7 rsfs7 <rsfs7.pfb

part of "original-base.map" now

stmary5 stmary5 <stmary5.pfb
stmary6 stmary6 <stmary6.pfb
stmary7 stmary7 <stmary7.pfb
stmary8 stmary8 <stmary8.pfb
stmary9 stmary9 <stmary9.pfb
stmary10 stmary10 <stmary10.pfb

? no idea

wasy5 wasy5 <wasy5.pfb
wasy6 wasy6 <wasy6.pfb
wasy7 wasy7 <wasy7.pfb
wasy8 wasy8 <wasy8.pfb
wasy9 wasy9 <wasy9.pfb
wasy10 wasy10 <wasy10.pfb
wasyb10 wasyb10 <wasyb10.pfb

Part of "original-wasy.map"

> ****** lucidabr-o.map **********
> ****** lumath-o.map **********

I don't know about them, perhaps
/Build/source/texk/windvi/texmf/lucida.map (but does gwTeX include any
files for supporting lucida?)

> ****** vnr.map **********

check /fonts/map/dvips/vntex

> Never mind the asterisks, they are part of the output of my checking
> script.
> I would like to know what to do about these. What are they and what
> are their replacements in TL (if any)?
> Thanks in advance.
> G


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