[tex-live] [tlpmgui] Re: [tlpmgui] tlpmgui starts in the wrong mode under Win32

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Feb 4 21:41:46 CET 2007

    Well, tlpmgui v. 1.69 introduces --install-mode option to force 


    we have to think about ordinary, not so advanced users and 
    they rarely have many TeX installations.

It seems to me the new option is helpful *exactly* for the ordinary users
who already have some version of TeX installed.  This way, they can try
out the new version without uninstalling the old one.
--install_mode is a lot less obscure way of doing that than something
like "rename c:\myoldtex\bin\win32\tex c:\myoldtex\bin\win32\tex.skip",
which seemed like the only available workaround.

I understand that the installer will change PATH and environment
variables, so it's not seamless to get back to the existing system after
the new installation.  But at least it is possible.

Thanks again,

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