[tex-live] jigdo

Thomas Hühn newsgroups at thomas-huehn.de
Sat Feb 3 20:57:52 CET 2007


I read "If you are able and willing to make TeX Live also available via
jigdo, please email." on the web site and thought I could give it a try.

So I'm downloading texlivetest2007-live-20070203.iso via jigdo
right now and compare the md5sum to the iso image at
ftp://ftp.tug.org/texlive/Images/test when it's finished.

I'm not absolutely sure I got this right, but it looks good so far.

(In a weak moment I deleted the iso by accident after creating the
.jigdo file, so I can't just have it scanned and shorten this procedure)

Downloading from scratch via jigdo is quite slow (compared to
downloading the iso image). I suppose, that's because of the overhead in
wgetting tens of thousands of files.

How many files do change between Tex Live releases? I guess quite a lot
of documentation, TeX and LaTeX itself and so on stays the same and
jigdo might have some value if you possess an earlier Tex Live version
after all?

Is there an rsync-Server for Tex Live? It would be nice if I could
"upgrade" this resulting test image to the final Tex Live 2007 when it's


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