[tex-live] [tlpmgui] tlpmgui starts in the wrong mode under Win32

Philip Taylor (Webmaster) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Feb 2 13:56:40 CET 2007

Zdenek Wagner wrote:

 > You should not consider texmf trees as data but as a part of the
 > program.

But they /are/ data, and should be treated as such.  Indeed,
I would go further : the basic TEXMF structure should be
read-only data; the TEXMFVAR structure should be read/write.
And TEXMFLOCAL (I have never used TEXMFHOME) should be write-
locked but easily unlockable/relockable if one needs to add
packages.  It is not at /all/ clear to me why one might want
to "pretend" that the TEXMF structure is in any way at all
a part of the program, and it is equally unclear why the
installer believes that I want the executable installed somewhere
unde TEXMF.  All other programs are installed under

	E:\Layered products\<Family>

and that is where I would like PdfeTeX.exe and its ilk to
go, not (as happens at the moment) under

	F:\Data files\TeX

** Phil.

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