[tex-live] new tl images 20070128 ... please test urgently

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Feb 2 02:53:54 CET 2007

Hi Robert,

    doing so, I noticed that the ``Essential binaries'' collection was
    not selected by default.  Here is the screen:

Thanks for the report.  It's a deficiency in the install program.  The
``Essential binaries'' collection is in fact included in what gets
installed, but because it's done so as a dependency in
collection-basic.tpm instead of directly in scheme-full.tpm, the install
program doesn't notice.  There are other cases.

I could add the necessary dependencies to scheme*.tpm, but I'm worried
that it will mess up Debian et al. at this late date.  Since it causes
no real harm, and we hope to make a more substantial rewrite of the
installation scripts next time, I think I'll leave it.

    On a more minor note, if one is running the installation in a
    standard 25x80 terminal, one cannot see the first few lines of

This also will be fixed next time, one way or another.  As the earlier
reply said, it was my attempt to ameliorate a complaint that not enough
of the package descriptions was shown.


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