[tex-live] obsolete Euler-VM 3.0a on latest TeXLive?

Walter Schmidt w.a.schmidt at gmx.net
Thu Feb 1 22:37:38 CET 2007


the latest TeXLive still seems to include version 3.0a of the LaTeX
package eulervm.sty, see


Please, note that v3.0a is superseded by v4.0 since 2005-01-11 (sic!).
See the CTAN, e.g., http://dante.ctan.org/CTAN/fonts/eulervm/
If you decide to change to v4.0, please, do not forget to update the
related virtual fonts, font metrics and fontinst sources, too.

thank you for your attention to this matter

PS: Credits to Vincent Jalby for spotting this problem.

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