[tex-live] OpenBSD: The next stage of the port. Problems...

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Apr 23 22:13:04 CEST 2007

    tcfmgr: config file `tcfmgr.map' (usually in $TEXMFMAIN/texconfig) not found.

That should be installed in texmf/texconfig/tcfmgr.map, as the error msg says.
source/texk/tetex/ is where it comes from.

    config.ps: not found
    config: not found
    fmtutil.cnf: not found
    mktex.cnf: not found
    pdftexconfig.tex: not found
    updmap.cfg: not found

These files being missing means that nothing will work.  I can't say why
they didn't end up in your texmf/, but if you compares yours with the
original, you should be able to see what's missing.  

    http://students.dec.bmth.ac.uk/ebarrett/texl_tmp/FMTUTIL-SYS .

It's not an infinite loop (you can see that by different log files being
written), it's just the same error(s) being repeated for each format.

Aside from the config file problems, I see that it can't even find
hyphen.tex, which certainly should be part of your texmf/ tree.  Sorry,
not everything in texmf/ is installed from "make install", and
hyphen.tex is one of those.

I suggest comparing your texmf to the TL texmf.


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