[tex-live] Texlive native OpenBSD port

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Apr 22 00:02:53 CEST 2007

    old Makefile.in methods rather than Makefile.am -> Makefile.in. 

Well, just Makefile.in per se is not "old", it just means the package
uses autoconf instead of automake+autoconf.  As I'm sure you know.

    This means that DESTDIR is not respected,

I'm not surprised, since DESTDIR was invented many years after I wrote
the original autoconfery for Web2c and friends.  Lacking global build
system updates, the workaround we use is to install everything into a
temp dir using --prefix and --datadir, as in the source/Build script.

    I have a big wad of patches (39 to date) to fix this. I wil send
    these upstream to you once I have finished porting

Great, but be aware that in many cases, texlive is not the source.  It
would be very helpful if you could send patches to the real upstream
maintainer where necessary.

    Im just doing texmf now).

I'm not sure what you have in mind.  There aren't any binaries anywhere

    so I have just tacked ${DESTDIR} onto the make install stages of
    each subsystem.

Sure, that sounds fine.

    pdflatex and latex binaries (and others im sure) were not built. Is
    this because they depend upon the texmf tree?

No, it's because they aren't binaries.  They are just symlinks to one of
the few real binaries -- the two you mention, and many more, are
symlinks to "pdftex".

They might only be created with "make world" rather than "make
install".  I can't remember for sure right now.


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