[tex-live] texmf-local vs. texmf

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Apr 11 23:53:41 CEST 2007

I wrote before about the theory of having texmf-local override
texmf-dist, but not texmf.  The result is that, in the current
distribution, cid-x.map and ttfonts.map (and probably other files) have
to be edited in their texmf/ location rather than in texmf-local.

One possibility is to move those files.
Another possibility is to have texmf-local override texmf.

As an experiment, can anyone who is up for that try changing their
definition of TEXMF in texmf.cnf to:

(Transposing TEXMFLOCAL and TEXMFMAIN from the default; of course if
you've made other changes the actual line may look different.)

And see if any problems result?  Namely, old config files that you may
have hanging around in texmf-local that were not being read (and thus
not causing problems).  I had some myself, and so I wondered how
widespread that is.


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