[tex-live] graphics package .def files?

Morten Høgholm morten.hoegholm at latex-project.org
Wed Sep 27 14:07:52 CEST 2006

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 02:30:39 +0200, Karl Berry <karl at freefriends.org>  

> Several .def files are apparently no longer part of the standard
> graphics bundle.  (Maybe they haven't been for some time, I don't know).

This was new in the 2005/12/01 release (whenever that happened to be!).

> - pdftex.def:
> now maintained separately on CTAN (yay).

Yay indeed!

> - textures.def:
> there is no permission to distribute this except as part of the standard
> graphics bundle (which contradicts the statement that is covered by the
> LPPL, but anyway), so I deleted it.

This one was always a mess. In our repository it only exists as this file  
and we have no access to the source files listed:

%% textures.dtx  (with options: `copyright')
%% AI3_Crops.dtx  (with options: `copyright')
%% portable.dtx  (with options: `copyright')
%% textures.dtx  (with options: `banner,Textures')
%% AI3_Crops.dtx  (with options: `graphicsRepairs,AI3Crops')
%% portable.dtx  (with options:  
%% textures.dtx  (with options: `TexturesRules,')

This file is 1997/5/28 v0.3 and this is the latest to be distributed with  
Textures according to the reports I got from users.

I'll see if I can get in touch with the guys at BlueSky.

> - dvipdfm.def:
> There is a statement that the "master copy" is available at
> http://odo.kettering.edu/dvipdfm/, but I just get a blank page there.
> The file currently in TL says it is part of the Graphics Bundle, but
> I guess it no longer is.  Since I believe dvipdfm is no longer
> maintained, I will just put dvipdfm.def somewhere else in TL.

Yeah, we probably won't see any new releases of that. The one you have is  
this one, right?

%% This is file `dvipdfm.def',
%% and was *not* generated with the docstrip utility.
%% It was hand edited from several docstripped def
%% files that are distributed with the Graphics Bundle
%% A modified version of this file may be distributed, but it should
%% be distributed with a *different* name. Changed files must be
%% distributed *together with a complete and unchanged* distribution
%% of these files.
%% In compliance with the above statement, the unmodified graphics
%% bundle is available from the same site you obtained this
%% modified file.  However, it is contained in a separate
%% tar file to conserve bandwidth.  You can get the
%% unmodified Graphics Bundle at
%% http://odo.kettering.edu/dvipdfm/
         [1999/9/6 vx.x Driver-dependant file]

> - dvipdfmx.def:
> There is a dvipdfmx.def.sample at
> http://cvs.ktug.or.kr/viewcvs/dvipdfmx/contrib/latex/.  I have not
> investigated the differences (if any) from what is in TL.  If someone
> would like to do that, and communicate with Cho and Hirata, and
> hopefully get it into future dvipdfmx releases, that would be helpful.

I have asked Cho.

> - vtex.def:
> Does not exist anywhere else, has no license statement, although it was
> written by Carlisle, so I suppose it's ok.  Dates from 1999.  If someone
> would like to look into whether there is a newer version, and/or what
> ask David what the license should be, that would be helpful.

Similar to textures.def. The version available on ctan in the archive  
systems/vtex/common/vtex-base-8442.zip has the following intro:

%% The original source files were:
%% vtexdef.dtx  (with options: `package')
%% LaTeX Colour and Graphics support for VTeX
%% Copyright (c) 1998-2001 by MicroPress, Inc.
%% All Rights Reserved.
%% Based on other drivers by David Carlisle.

> What a mess.


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