[tex-live] missing fonts for 'texdoc TETEXDOC'

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Sep 11 01:56:26 CEST 2006

Hi Ken,

    (a very small and uninformative file) 

The htf files are used only by the tex4ht program in producing
html/xml/etc. from .tex files.  They aren't the real fonts, as you know.

    but no related .mf from which a .tfm or .pk might be generated.

No .mf for zpplcmr (= palatino + computer modern, presumably the cm has
missing math symbols).  I believe it's implemented as a virtual font,
zpplcmr.vf.  Running vftovp should show the base fonts which are
actually used.  Sorry, I can't track it down now.

    A second example, ec-lmtt10, fails differently.  I find
    but no .mf or .pk to go with it.

ec-lmtt10.tfm (and indeed all the *-lm* tfm's) are mapped to Type1 fonts
in psfonts.map, et al.  The ec- prefix names the font encoding.  In this
case, it goes to lmtt10.pfb:

ec-lmtt10 LMTypewriter10-Regular "enclmec ReEncodeFont" <lm-ec.enc <lmtt10.pfb

    Am I looking at a failure of installation, 

If your psfonts.map is lacking the above line, and/or you do not
actually have lmtt10.pfb, that's an installation error (unless you
intentionally left out the LM (Latin Modern) fonts, which I would
definitely not recommend).  updmap should be run to install the
necessary map files.

    or an old document that names forgotten fonts and is tolerated
    because it is still readable?

I'm not sure if anything else has supplanted zpplcmr, but I suspect it's
still widely used.  ec-lmtt is relatively new (and recommended).


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