[tex-live] tl doc formats

Axel Kielhorn A.Kielhorn at web.de
Sat Sep 9 14:04:19 CEST 2006

Am 09.09.2006 um 12:47 schrieb David Kastrup:

>>> We are not talking about different TeX distributions here but about
>>> TeXlive.  So we need only worry about the viewers in that.
>> Which are missing for at least one supported OS.
> Which would be a large shortcoming.  There are quite a few things that
> work _only_ via the DVI route, like PStricks.

PStricks doesn't even work with DVI, it requieres some kind of 
PostScript interpreter, thus providing a document that is using 
PStricks in DVI format is even less useful than providing one in DVI 
format generated by dvips/gs.


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