[tex-live] TeXLive 2005 is slower than TeXLive2003

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Wed Sep 6 10:53:18 CEST 2006

Jinsong Zhao :

> Dear all,
> I am using TeXLive 2005 now, however, I found that it more slower than
> TeXLive 2003. Every program, e.g., latex, pdflatex, dvips, and so on,
> is lower than the one in TeXLive 2003 distribution.
> I run ``latex sample2e.tex'' from command line, the command latex in
> TeXLive 2005 completed the compilation using about 6.95 second, however,
> the one in TeXLive2003 using about 1.45 second.
> Of course, the timer here is wall clock. I don't know how to time the
> program run time under Windows.
> My OS is Windows XP, and I run those program from command line (cmd).
> Any suggestions will be really appreciated!

I cannot help on this, but I can comfirm that TL is getting slower and 

Our Linux servers does not get any faster, so the argument that peoples 
PCs are getting faster and faster so the TL compilation speed is not a 
big issue is simply not true.


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